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Our adult piano classes are highly effective, fun, and inspiring! 

You don't have to be talented or brilliant to play piano.


You just have to want to play.

Most adults have at least a reason or two why they feel like they can't sign up for a new class. Do any of these sound like you?

"I used to play, but I forgot a lot and it might be really hard."


"I don't want to feel like a little kid and play uninspiring beginning piano music from a method book"


"I'm just too busy and I won't have time to practice"

"I can't make every class in the series, so why should I pay for the course?"

Our classes are designed to help you create a strong and solid foundation with playing piano and understanding basic music theory. We use songs and pieces that are fun to play, and we don't use method books. 

Each class will be filmed and edited, and posted to our site for students to access anytime, so if you can't make a class, you can still go over the material and be ready for the next week's class. 


With some basic foundational knowledge, and the proper guidance on how to use that knowledge, most people can learn to play at least well enough to have fun and enjoy the experience.


Taking an adult piano class is fun. It's social. And at around $35 per class it's an affordable way to get on track with your music ambitions right away!

Keylab uses high quality video and audio for our virtual adult piano classes, and we provide all materials as pdf files and links. 

if you don't have an instrument, you can go to this page for information and links to our recommended pianos and digital keyboards

Our "Music Of" series, focusing on the songs of specific artists or eras.


And our highly effective and really fun "Piano & Music Theory" course will will teach you to all about the keyboard, and also how to read music, understand rhythm, chords, song form and so much more, all through learning great music by amazing songwriters.

We'll be adding new courses all the time, and at


You don't need talent or a PhD to learn to play piano.


You just have to WANT to learn. 

Unsure of your skill level?

Use this guide to help you choose your class.

  • Beginner Classes - good for complete beginners, or people with some skills but in need of a refresher on basics

  • Beginner/Intermediate Classes - good for students who know the notes on the piano, can play at least a few major/minor chords, can read some basic rhythms and pitches on staff for treble and bass clef, and can play one or two basic short pieces hands together

  • Intermediate Classes - good for students who know all major/minor chords, can read basic beginner sheet music confidently, and is comfortable playing in a group setting

Still unsure of your skill level? Contact us!


(in person classes on hold until fall of 2021)


4 Week Sessions $150

Beginner Level

60 minute classes

Max 8 people per class 

Keylab's adult group piano courses are an affordable and fun way to learn the piano in a casual, social setting. Students in our group piano courses will learn to read music, play chords, and understand the building blocks of music by playing individual and group pieces in a variety of styles.

Our low pressure classes are the perfect fit for complete beginners or rusty players looking to shore up weaknesses or make improvements to their playing. 

Although we do play some pieces as a group, our unique tech allows for students to play along with instructor without being heard by other students, so this is a great fit if you're shy or not quite as confident about your playing as you would like to be.


In order to gain the most benefit from these courses, students should plan to practice at home a minimum of 3 times per week for at least 20-30 minutes each practice session. By the end of each course, we guarantee that you will be a better player and hopefully you'l have made some friends as well!

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