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Unlock Your Musical Potential with Keylab!


Exclusive access for returning Keylab families is open until August 1st!

Get your lesson requests in now before we open up enrollment to all families.



Please take a look around, go to our FAQ, and read our reviews. 



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Piano Lesson
Playing Piano
Kids Piano Lessons


Flexible scheduling, no commitment, tailored to your goals. Buy 4 or more lessons and save 10%!

"Even after just one class (an amazing one-on-one coaching session) I'm at a place that I thought would take months to get to. This place is the real deal. Money well spent, and I'll absolutely be back for more."


Fun, informative courses with no pressure to perform or complete assignments.

"I learned so much from Adrian during the past 4 classes. I am in my 50's, didn't read music and had not played any musical instruments before I took the class. The classes are packed with information, and provided me a pathway to advance further musically.
Adrian is great teacher. He is patient, encouraging and provided detailed instructions/materials for each class."


For ages 5 and up. Lessons in your home, at our studio, or virtually. Month-to-month commitment.

"Adrian, Sam and the whole team at Keylab are fantastic. We have had a few piano teachers over the years but all four of my children are thriving at Keylab. Adrian and Sam are the perfect combination of structured learning and fun. I am so glad that I found Keylab for my children and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fabulous, professional and lovely music school!"

Welcome To Keylab!

At Keylab, we believe music is for everyone.

Whether you're rediscovering your passion or starting fresh, our skilled music teachers are here to guide you. We offer fun adult classes and personalized music lessons for ages 5 and up at our studio, in your home, and online.


what can you learn at Keylab?

  • Piano Lessons: Learn to play your favorite pop songs or master jazz and classical pieces with our expert piano instructors.

  • Voice Lessons: Work with supportive teachers to learn the fundamentals of vocal technique and become a strong, confident singer

  • Guitar & Bass Lessons: Whether playing acoustic or electric, our guitar and bass lessons will help you master chords, scales, solos and more.

  • Ukulele Lessons: Unlock the incredible fun of this small but mighty instrument and learn the basics like chords, playing melodies, and strumming and fingerpicking techniques

  • Music Production Lessons: Explore music production software like Garageband, Logic, Ableton Live, and more and learn to compose, record, and mix your own music.

  • Drum Lessons: From learning basic beats for your favorite songs to working on more complex rhythms, coordination, and independence, our drum lessons cater to all skill levels.

Sign up and start your musical journey today!

Children's piano lessons

 Do you want to give your children a fun, creative experience learning the language of music? 


 Are you an adult who has always wanted to play a musical instrument or learn to sing?  


 Do you want to write and record your own music? 


 Are you a music teacher who wants to learn how to update your teaching methods or teach virtually? 

You've come to the right place!

Adult Playing Piano


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  • We offer lessons and classes Monday - Saturday by appointment only.

  • Check course pages for individual course schedules.

  • You can find general info at our FAQ or send us a message

  • Staffing will be limited during July and August, but we will respond to messages as soon as possible



94 Luquer St. Brooklyn NY 11231

(718) 576-3514


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