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drum lessons
drum lessons

Affordable Drum Lessons For Every Age, Stage, and Ability 

Keylab offers a range of entertaining and effectual drum lessons in Brooklyn. All levels of ability and drumming interests are welcome. Learn on your own time online or in-person with one of our experienced and passionate instructors today! 

Learn The Music You Love 

Music is meant to be enjoyed. Whether you’re a 10-year-old aspiring orchestral percussionist or a lifelong learner that wants to check “learn to play the drums” off of your bucket list, Keylab will help you exceed your goals. Our drum instructors are not only proficient percussionists, but they are also industry professionals with a host of impressive and diverse accolades. 

Improve your drumming skills with a drum instructor whose first love is music. Our adult drum lessons and drum lessons for children are just as enjoyable as they are informative. 

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Private Virtual Music Lessons From Keylab 

During this enduring new normal, Keylab remains committed to the musical interests and aspirations of Brooklyn and beyond. Keep your progress and interest alive with private online drum lessons for yourself or your child. 

Group Classes For Adults

Keylab is pleased to offer virtual group music classes for those who thrive in a collaborative and encouraging environment. If you’re interested in starting or resurrecting your interest in drums, contact us today for more information about our upcoming adult group drum lessons! 

Our Students Can’t Stop Drumming

At Keylab, we offer more than just music lessons; we ignite a passion for music. We are proud to be part of your musical journey and give you a gift to share with those you love. Most importantly, we make music fun! Our past and current clients attest to this. Here’s what they have to say:

"My two kids take piano and drum lessons from Adrian. They love their lessons and are having a tremendously positive experience learning music. I also take piano lessons from Adrian - he is a brilliant teacher."

A Keylab Parent

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Enroll in Drum Lessons Today 

Don’t wait to support your child’s interest in music or rekindle your own. Our in-person and online drum lessons will help make music an enduring and pivotal part of your life. 

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