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guitar lessons
guitar lessons

Quality Guitar Lessons For Every Age, Stage, and Ability

Keylab offers a range of fun and effective guitar lessons in Brooklyn for all abilities and interests. Learn on your own time online or in-person with one of our experienced and passionate instructors. 

Learn The Music You Love 

Music is meant to be enjoyed. Whether you’re an aspiring young classical guitarist or a lifelong learner that simply wants to master your favorite song, Keylab will help you exceed your goals. Our team is not only proficient in their instruments, but they are also industry professionals with a host of impressive accolades. 

Learn to play the guitar from people who live and breathe music. Our adult guitar lessons and guitar lessons for children are just as enjoyable as they are constructive.

[Our Teachers]

Private Virtual Music Lessons From Keylab 

During this enduring new normal, Keylab remains committed to the musical interests and aspirations of Brooklyn and beyond. Keep your progress and interest alive with private online guitar lessons for yourself or your child. 

Group Classes For Adults

We are pleased to offer virtual group music classes for those who thrive in a collaborative and encouraging environment. If you’re interested in starting or resurrecting your interest in guitar, contact us today for more information about our upcoming adult group guitar lessons! 

Our Students Can’t Stop Strumming

At Keylab, we offer more than just music lessons; we ignite a passion for music. We are proud to be part of your musical journey and give you a gift to share with those you love. Most importantly, we make music fun! Our past and current clients attest to this. Here’s what they have to say: 

"This past school year I enrolled my 5 year-old daughter in Keylab's after school program unsure of what her commitment level would be. Actually, I was 90% sure she would want to quit. She's wanted to quit everything I've signed her up for - dance classes, piano lessons at home, swim lessons... After her first day there, she came beaming out of a studio telling me how much she loved the programming at Keylab. Not only that, she has been saying this continuously for the past 4 months. When asked if she'd rather spend the afternoon doing her favorite thing instead of going to Keylab's after school program in 2017, she answered she'd rather go to Keylab. I'm not sure what kind of magic goes on there that keeps her engaged and excited, but it is truly magic. She comes home after Keylab and shares many stories about her experience there and doesn't want to leave when I pick her up. The staff have been accommodating, responsive and engaged with children and parents. The facility is beautifully decorated and maintained and there is always a warm welcome when you walk through the door. I can't thank the staff enough for enjoying my child as much as they do, but especially for my child's enjoyment when she's with them."

A Keylab Parent

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Learn To Play Guitar Today 

Don’t wait to support your child’s interest in music or rekindle your own. Our in-person and online guitar lessons will help make music an enduring and pivotal part of your life. 

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