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 The Super-Fun Songwriting, Performance, & Music Production Program For Grades 1-5!

Songlab is the perfect fit for kids who want a low-pressure, fun-filled creative adventure every week!



Our flagship after-school program Songlab is an exciting combination of group and individual music-making that is perfect for families with 1st-5th graders who are looking for an effective, low-pressure, and fun music education experience! 


This dynamic after school program gives children access to our modern music education classrooms to learn about the keyboard, music theory, and music composition and production. Kids will gain experience with live performance using digital pianos, synthesizers, guitars, basses, drums, vocals, and electronic & computer-based recording & live performance tools. 

SONGLAB JR. is the lighter, leaner version of our full Songlab program, adapted especially for 1st and 2nd graders new to making music and working in groups of children outside of their regular school and home environments. Songlab Jr. helps children learn all about the basics of music theory, songwriting, and music production with an emphasis on creativity, self-expression, and most importantly FUN!

For all Songlab classes, students are grouped in small, age-appropriate "bands" so that they can enjoy the social aspects of making music with their peers each week. Children of different skill levels can participate together in all of our activities, so no matter what skill level your child is at, we will provide a fun, educational, and inspiring experience for them each week! 



  • Songlab for 2nd-5th grade - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm, begins first week in October

  • Songlab Jr. for 1st & 2nd grade - Mondays 3:30-5:30pm, begins first week in October.

  • Songlab for Success Academy of Cobble Hill - Wednesdays 12:30-3:30pm, starts Wednesday, September 13th.



  • Enroll more than one child and receive a 5% sibling discount.



  • School pickups are not guaranteed at all locations, and depend on certain criteria:

    • Pickups are available at no additional charge for PS58, PS32, PS29, ISB, and BNS/PS146. Please see course listing when enrolling for specific pickup information, or contact us for more info.

    • If your school is not listed, but is within 20 minutes walking distance to Keylab, please let us know and we will see if we can create a pickup for you.

    • School pickup time must be between 2:35pm - 3:30pm 

    • A minimum of 2-3 children are needed at any one school to create a pickup

      • If your child has friends at their school who may be interested in joining Songlab, see if you can create a friend group to join all on the same day to help guarantee that we can create a pickup for you

  • Success Academy of Cobble Hill has a confirmed pickup at 12:30 pm every Wednesday



  • Songlab is a 9-month program running from October through June.  

  • Songlab for Success Academy of Cobble Hill is a 10-month program running from September through the end of the Success Academy school year.

  • We offer mid-program enrollment at any point during the school year and guarantee new students will be integrated seamlessly into the program no matter what their skill or experience level 



  • Songlab Jr. is $2070 for the 9-month session, $230 monthly

  • Songlab for 2nd-5th grade on Tues, Wed, & Thurs is $2475 for the 9 month session, $275 monthly

  • Songlab for Success Academy of Cobble Hill on Wednesdays is $2750 for the 10 month session, $275 monthly

  • Families enrolling after the beginning of the program in October will pay tuition based on the month they enroll through the end of the school year.

  • You can choose to pay in full or sign up for recurring automatic monthly payments


  • We follow the NYC school calendar and are typically closed on days the school system is closed.

  • Program dates will be sent to you when finalizing enrollment, and you can check our calendar to see all dates Keylab is closed for the school year.

  • If your school does not follow the NYC public school calendar, please contact us with details.


  • We are limiting our class sizes to a maximum of 10 students daily to ensure the health and well being of staff, students, and families.

  • Classrooms and instruments are cleaned and disinfected daily, and we have HEPA air purification throughout the studio.

  • We also make sure to encourage good hygiene by reminding children to wash their hands and to use the hand sanitizer and tissues available in each classroom. 

  • Keylab teachers all undergo background checks and classroom training to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our students

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