Kids Lessons

We offer high quality, fun, personalized instrumental and vocal lessons for kids starting at age 5. We have teachers available for most instruments, including but not limited to piano, guitar, voice, bass, drums; and also for music production and other music related subjects. Space at the studio is limited, but if we can't fit you in at the studio we will try and set you up with an in-home lesson. 


30 minute lessons -  $165/month

45 minute lessons - $230/month

60 minute lessons -  $300/month

60 minute sibling lessons (2-30 min lessons) -  $315/month

90 minute sibling lessons (2-45 min lessons) - $440/month

* Monthly package prices are approximate based on approximately 34 lessons per year spread out over 10 months. If you sign up after September your price may differ. 


 In-home lessons are not guaranteed until confirmed by teacher and may cost more depending on location and teacher travel time.

adult lessons

We don't just teach kids! Keylab has lessons for adults of all skill levels for most instruments including piano, guitar, bass, drumset, music production, voice and more. We offer lessons at Keylab from 7pm weekdays, 11am-5pm weekends, and in-home lessons 7 days per week.


Start your musical journey and sign up for a trial lesson today. We guarantee you'll be glad you did!


45 minute lesson $65

60 minute lesson $85

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