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Brooklyn, NY's Favorite Online Music Theory Lessons

Enroll in Our Music Theory Classes and Learn the Ins and Outs of How Music Works. 

Discover What Music Is All About

Learning an instrument is great, but if you don't understand the workings of the music you're playing, you can't be as good of a player! That's why it's so important to take a music theory class as part of your learning process. 

No matter what instrument you're learning, taking a music theory course can help you get a better sense of your instrument and learn more about what makes the notes dance across the page. 

And, at Key Lab, we've made learning music theory easier than ever! 

Sign up for classes today and take your musical skills to the next level. 

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Professional Classes From The Comfort Of Home

Taking a music theory class online means that you can complete all your coursework right from your living room! Get the added comfort of a familiar environment as you navigate the world of music theory. 

Just because you're taking classes from home, however, doesn't mean that you're not getting quality lessons! All of our music theory lessons are taught by professional musicians who have a deep understanding of music theory and how it works. 

Get to know even more about the history of music and how it all comes together when you sign up for one of our professional music theory lessons. 

Learn Music Theory Online!

Ready to take your musical skills to a whole new level? Register for one of our online music theory classes and start learning today!

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