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Performance skills, songwriting & more

BandMasters is an advanced beginner/intermediate level course for children who already know how to play an instrument and want to experience the excitement, joy, and power of live performance! BandMasters teaches kids how to listen, learn, and play together to harness the amazing power of music to entertain, excite, and inspire.

Please note that BandMasters is a curated program which requires us to evaluate pre-registration information to make sure children are a good fit in each band. This process will take up to 2 business days from the date you submit your pre-registration.  


  • Kids get together each week to write their own songs, learn cover songs by their favorite artists, and hone their performance skills under the guidance of an experienced performing musician.

  • There is no set instrumentation for a band, and instrument assignments will be decided on a song by song basis by the band director and band members.

  • Reading traditional music notation isn't necessary to enroll. Kids will be taught reading skills on an as-needed basis. 

  • Suggested assignments and digital song sheets are sent out weekly.

  • Bands participate in a live performance event at the end of each 12-week session which will either be live-streamed or in-person at our studio in front of a small audience of friends and family (details TBA for fall and winter sessions). We will also be hosting special end of year performances at a local venue for our spring session!

  • Families receive video of the performances to share with friends and family.



  • For grades 3 and up

  • Weekly 75 minute class with three 12-week sessions

  • Sessions are offered for Fall, Winter, and Spring.

  • Course Options

    • Course + Weekly Private Lesson

      • Pay in full $1,350 or pay $450 monthly for 3 months

      • Students attend class each week and also receive a separate weekly 30 minute private lesson to help them with their performance goals

        • We will contact you after enrollment to work out your private lesson schedule.

        • Private lessons may not be with the course instructor

        • Teachers will coordinate to ensure continuity between the lesson and course material,

    • Course Only

      • Pay in full $960 or pay $320 monthly for 3 months

      • Students attend class each week but do not receive a weekly lesson.
  • Instruments and Equipment Information

    • Digital and acoustic drums, piano, keyboards, bass, mics, and up to 2 guitars are provided at the studio.

    • Band members do not need to bring anything to class each week, however they are welcome to bring their own instrument.

    • If your child plays another instrument than the ones listed here, they are welcome to participate.

    • Band members should have an instrument at home to practice on.

      • Having an instrument at home is the best way to ensure your child's enjoyment and long-term success with learning an instrument

      • Entry level keyboards, guitars, and basses are relatively inexpensive to purchase or rent.

      • Drummers who don't have a drum set at home can practice using their hands and feet to work on coordination exercises and drum beats provided by their instructor.

      • If you need help acquiring an instrument, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

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