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Beginning Voices

new! saturday morning voice classes for ages 7-12

BEGINNING VOICES is a beginner level choral group class for kids who are looking for a fun, low-pressure way to get started with singing, and who want to experience the excitement, joy, and power of live performance!


  • To learn the foundations of healthy singing.

  • To learn to sing melodies with accurate pitch and rhythm.

  • To learn to use body percussion to assist them in learning songs.

  • To learn to sing separate parts in 2 part arrangements.

  • To develop an understanding and love for music, specifically vocal music

  • To have fun singing with new friends!



  • Kids get together each week to learn songs by their favorite artists and/or to write their own choral pieces; and to hone their performance skills under the guidance of the course instructor.

  • No experience is necessary to participate.

  • Kids can join at any time of the year, and as there is no linear curriculum for this course, kids can sign up for any and all sessions for their age group to keep the fun going all year long!

  • Maximum of 8 children per class

  • Suggested assignments and song sheets will be sent out weekly.

    • Reading traditional music notation isn't necessary to enroll, but will be taught on an as-needed basis at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Bands participate in a live performance event at the end of each 12-week session which will either be filmed and/or live-streamed, or performed live in-person at our studio.

    • performances may be in front of a small audience of friends and family, and we will be hosting special end of year performances at a local venue for our spring session!

  • Families will receive video of the performances to share with friends and family.



  • You can book the entire session at a discounted rate and either pay in full or set up monthly automatic payments.

  • Not sure if you want to book the entire session? Book one or more drop-in visits if there is space available.


DETAILS & PRICING (50% off listed prices until Dec. 31st!)

  • Weekly 60 minute class with 3-month sessions in Fall, Winter, and Spring

    • Fall Session - 10 weeks $630 or $210 monthly

    • Winter Session - 12 weeks $750 or $250 monthly

    • Spring Session - 11 weeks $690 or $230 monthly

    • Single Visit / Drop-In classes are $70 each

  • Singers are grouped by age

    • 11am - 12pm - ages 7-9

    • 12pm-1pm - ages 9-12

kids vocal class
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