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sonic scientists

songwriting, music production, synthesis & technology

Sonic Scientists is our new, amazingly fun 12-week course for children in grades 5 and up with previous experience using music technology and production software.

  • Students will learn advanced music production concepts including sampling, recording live audio, using digital audio effects, how to create final mixes of their pieces, and more.

  • Students will also learn more advanced compositional ideas and be exposed to music from leading artists to help further their interest and involvement in music composition and production.

  • Students will work on several pieces during the 12 week course and all digital audio produced will be shared with the family after the course has ended.



  • Weekly 75 minute class. 12 week sessions in fall, winter, and spring

  • Offered Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5:45-7:15pm



      • $1,350 or $450 monthly for 3 months

      • Students will attend class each week and will also receive a separate weekly 30 minute private lesson

        • We will contact you after enrollment to work out your private lesson schedule.

        • Private lessons may not be with the course instructor, but teachers will coordinate to ensure continuity between the lesson and course material


      • $960 or $320 monthly for 3 months


    • A laptop computer with one of the following digital audio applications installed:

    • Students who do not have a laptop will use our Chromebooks and

      • Students using our Chromebooks during class cannot take them home, but will be able to work on projects at home by logging into their Soundtrap account using most devices, including laptop and desktop computers, ipads, tablets, and mobile phones.

        • When using Soundtrap at home, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for the best experience. 

kids music production class
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