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sonic scientists
at PS 29

songwriting, music production, mixing, editing, and more!

Our winter session for Sonic Scientists at PS 29 was a blast this year! 


Teachers Chris and Sophia were really impressed with the young producers in our winter session! The kids learned how to organize loops, record their own musical parts, add vocals and sample audio. They also learned how to edit audio, add effects like reverb and delay to their tracks, add fade outs and and how to balance volume levels for everything into a final mix. 

Listen to some sample tracks below the teacher comments, and if log into your child's account to listen to and download all of the music they made with this session.

Thanks again for having your children with us and let us know if you have any questions about the program or want advice on how to best support your child's musical interests!

All our best,

Adrian Cohen - Director

Chris Petro & Sophia Rogers - Instructors


Luka was really into GarageBand and trying out every instrument, especially the drum machines, synths, and world instruments. He had a pretty impressive knowledge of instruments coming in, but really explored all you can do on Garageband and experimented with forming songs from scratch. He was so willing to think outside the box and was very curious! He was super enthusiastic about creating and sharing his findings.

Opal is a very quick learner, explorative, inclusive and very social! We loved her excitement and bubbly energy. We could easily see and hear her getting more comfortable making her own musical choices, and she even tried singing on one of her songs! She always lights up the room with her positive attitude! 

Winnie is very sweet and has naturally good musical sensibilities. We really enjoyed her sense of humor and willingness to dive right into her projects, as well as hearing all about her dog, Honey!

Gia impressed us in so many ways this session! She caught on to the nuances of all the programs extremely quickly, and it was a joy to watch her experiment with all kinds of sounds. She was particularly curious about adding various sound effects and "non-musical" sounds to her projects, often combining them in ways that indicated musical sensibilities well beyond her years! On top of that, she's super respectful, patient and kind! 

Jojo is super attentive, focused, and curious! She asked so many intelligent questions, and caught on to the details of the various programs impressively quickly. She also shared her considerable visual art talents with us which really blew us away!

Adhira is very outgoing and funny, and has such a bright personality! We enjoyed seeing her experiment with different musical ideas, and loved how excited she was to share her creations. She’s very artistic in a lot of different ways!

Amelia is just so authentic and honest, and always a joy to be around! She loved sharing different parts of her life with us, whether they were weekend adventures she really enjoyed or new toys and knick-knacks in her backpack. She always dove right into learning and incorporated an aspect of playfulness in her projects. 

Levi is very motivated, and also very funny and sweet! His ability to focus on one project for a long time is very impressive for his age, and he was always very proud to show us what he made. He struck up a new friendship with Rory and they had a blast creating a song together!

Rory was a joy to have in class -- genuinely funny, curious, and willing to hold a conversation for awhile! He also effectively grasped some pretty advanced musical concepts, and experimented with a large range of styles in his projects. He has a real intuition for musical parts that fit well together, and for the overall arc of a song!

Charlotte is very laid-back, with a dry sense of humor that's well beyond her years! We loved watching her push the boundaries of sounds in her projects - she always wanted to find the extremes (in a great way!) In her song "Pink Clouds" she wanted to use the slowest possible tempo to create a stretched out Soundscape, a technique that professional sound designers frequently use!


- Chris and Sophia

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