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Welcome to Keylab's new weekly blog where we'll be keeping you updated about current curriculum work in our after school program, upcoming events, interesting music-related content, links to song sheets and helpful practice apps and music education sites, and special behind-the-scenes footage of all the fun!

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Inside Keylab's After School Program: Week 24

It is hard to believe, but are already at week 24 of our curriculum for our new after school program! The kids have been working on several awesome projects that have been designed to reinforce core concepts from the fall and teach new lessons about music theory, performance, and composition. Scroll down to see videos and read about what the kids have been doing in each classroom!

The Golden Apple Animals lay it down in the Tech Lab

In the Tech Lab

Students have been playing a piece from our curriculum in an iPad band using virtual instruments on the iPads such as synthesizers, drums, guitars, and orchestral/world instruments found in GarageBand. This song from our original curriculum features several new ideas such as 8th notes, repeat signs and playing together using virtual instruments. It also reinforces other core concepts we have covered since September. Great job Golden Apple Animals!

The Piano Club plays 'Morning Thinking'

In the Key Lab

Students are learning piano pieces that we have composed for them to help reinforce core rhythm, reading, coordination, and listening skills. Kids have been working over the past few weeks on ‘Morning Thinking’ and ‘Walking Home’. Our newest song, ‘Sleepy Trees of Winter’, features 8th notes, hand position changes, and repeat signs. 

The Piano Club plays their version of '8th Note Rock'