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Keylab's Weekly Blog Is Here!

Welcome to Keylab's new weekly blog where we'll be keeping you updated about current curriculum work in our after school program, upcoming events, interesting music-related content, links to song sheets and helpful practice apps and music education sites, and special behind-the-scenes footage of all the fun!

In this post:

  • Inside Keylab's After School Program

  • Featured Band - The Piano Club

  • April Open Labs Camp registration ends on April 1st!

  • Meet Our Teachers - band and private bass teacher Lucy Clifford

  • Music Education Site of the Week -

  • Upcoming Events - virtual recital in April, end of year performance parties and private lesson recital dates

  • Deal Of The Week - sign up for 3 months of lessons 50% off first month!


Inside Keylab's After School Program: Week 24

It is hard to believe, but are already at week 24 of our curriculum for our new after school program! The kids have been working on several awesome projects that have been designed to reinforce core concepts from the fall and teach new lessons about music theory, performance, and composition. Scroll down to see videos and read about what the kids have been doing in each classroom!

The Golden Apple Animals lay it down in the Tech Lab

In the Tech Lab

Students have been playing a piece from our curriculum in an iPad band using virtual instruments on the iPads such as synthesizers, drums, guitars, and orchestral/world instruments found in GarageBand. This song from our original curriculum features several new ideas such as 8th notes, repeat signs and playing together using virtual instruments. It also reinforces other core concepts we have covered since September. Great job Golden Apple Animals!

The Piano Club plays 'Morning Thinking'

In the Key Lab

Students are learning piano pieces that we have composed for them to help reinforce core rhythm, reading, coordination, and listening skills. Kids have been working over the past few weeks on ‘Morning Thinking’ and ‘Walking Home’. Our newest song, ‘Sleepy Trees of Winter’, features 8th notes, hand position changes, and repeat signs. 

The Piano Club plays their version of '8th Note Rock'

In the Band Room

Students are playing pieces from our curriculum, and original and cover songs in a variety of configurations using guitar, bass, piano, electric keyboard, synthesizers, voice, and drums. Our 18 bands have been composing original pieces over the past couple of months, and most have also been working on learning Keylab’s band curriculum song ‘8th Note Rock’ (download the beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions of '8th Note Rock' here) which is all about playing 8th note rhythms, reading pitches on the staff, understanding musical dynamics (indications to play at specific volume ranges), and navigating through a musical form (A, B, C sections; repeat signs, ). These band exercises really teach kids how to listen to one another and work as a team, which is great not only for musicianship, but also for life skills!


Featured Band This Week


The Piano Club has been crushing it this year, and these videos show how far they have come in their musicianship. Let's hear it for this fabulous Friday crew!

The Piano Club - Alex, Will, Johnny, Nora, & Eva



Lucy Clifford - bassist, songwriter, producer

Berklee grad and bassist extraordinaire Lucy Clifford, better known to the shorter set as"Miss Lucy", is our resident Band Room guru who specializes in helping each of her bands learn to listen and work together towards finding their own unique voice. In addition to being an awesome band teacher at Keylab, Lucy is also an active performer who plays regularly around NYC and has also toured the US with several Grammy Award winning artists.



These exercises will improve your musical ability by developing a more intuitive understanding of what you hear. Start with INTERVALS and then try some of the other modules. For the best results, practice a little every day

  • Intervals: In this exercise, you will hear two notes in sequence. Your goal is to identify the interval between the two notes.

  • Chords: In this exercise, you will hear a chord. Your goal is to identify the type of chord that you heard.

  • Scales: In this exercise, you will hear a scale. Your goal is to identify the name of the scale that you heard.

  • Chord Progressions: In this exercise, you will hear a chord progression. Your goal is to identify each chord that you heard.

  • Perfect Pitch: In this exercise, you will hear a single note. Your goal is to identify the name of the note.

  • Scale Degrees (functional): In this exercise, you will hear a short chord progression followed by a single note. You must identify the scale degree of that note relative to the key established by the chord progression. This is also known as "functional ear training".

  • Intervals in Context (functional): This exercise combines the "Intervals" and "Scale Degrees" exercises. In this exercise, you will hear a short chord progression followed by two notes. You must identify the major scale degrees of the two notes relative to the key established by the chord progression as well as the interval between the two notes.

  • Melodic Dictation: In this exercise, you will hear a short chord progression followed by a short melody. You must identify the major scale degree of each note in the melody.




If you are interested in participating in our April Open Labs Camp, registration closes on Monday April 1st at 11:59pm! Camps are $550 for the full week. Go to for details.

2ND VIRTUAL RECITAL THIS APRIL We will be taking another round of videos of the kids playing in their bands and playing solo piano pieces just before spring break in mid-April, and we will also include any audio of their most recent digital audio projects in the tech lab. You will be able to find audio and video files in their folders, which we will update periodically. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: END OF THE YEAR PERFORMANCE PARTIES! We will be holding performance parties for kids on their last day of class in June, dates below. Kids will be playing live band versions of songs they have worked on this year, and willing participants will be able to show off their piano skills at an informal piano performance portion of the afternoon. We will cap things off by listening to kids digital masterpieces while having pizza and snacks in our lobby area. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend, and we will be filming all performances so you can share with family and friends. Kids can wear whatever they want, and will not need to bring anything. We will update info on pieces and practice suggestions in a future post.

PERFORMANCE PARTY DATES - please arrive at 4pm on your child’s last day of class for the year: Monday 6/17 Tuesday 6/18 Wednesday 6/19 Thursday 6/20 Friday 6/21

END OF YEAR PRIVATE LESSON RECITAL SUNDAY JUNE 9TH 12-4PM We will be holding our official recital for private students right next door at 92 Luquer St!. The recital is open to ALL private students (including in-home students) who want to participate, but is not mandatory. The day will be planned in 2-3 phases and we will be sending out details and an invitation to fill out a time request form soon so we can do our best to fit you into the most convenient part of the day for you and your family. The recital will be filmed and individual performances will be available by request at no charge. We also be posting performances to our website and youtube channel. There will be a modest registration fee of $15 per student to participate in the recital.


Sign up for three months of lessons (April, May, June) and get 50% off your first month of lessons!

  • one 45 minute lesson per week at same day/time on days studio is open

  • you will be signed up for three monthly automatic payments of $220.

  • Use coupon code SPRING2019 to apply 50 % discount to your first payment.

  • Available until March 31st 2019

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