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Voice Lessons or Classes? How to start your child with vocal training

  • Blog post: Voice Lessons vs. Classes For Kids - GO

  • New Saturday Morning Vocal Classes for Ages 7-12"Beginning Voices" - GO

  • Interview with Beginning Voices instructor Jahnvi Seshadri - GO

At What Age Should I Start Voice Lessons For My Child Who Loves To Sing?

There are a lot of opinions on what age to start children with voice lessons. Many well regarded professional voice studios and vocal coaches recommend waiting until children are a bit on the older side and have either started to hit puberty or are past it to begin private voice lessons. But some teachers will start children earlier that this, even though the student may not be ready for the physical and mental discipline required to train with a private teacher. And most very young children may not be able to do much more than show up and sing some songs each week with their teacher. Lessons can be a fun experience for your child each week, which no doubt has some value, but students ultimately may not gain very much from these types of lesson experiences if they don't display strong natural ability, enthusiasm, and focus at an early age. So what's the best way to help younger children who love to sing but may not be ready for the physical demands or the commitment of private one-on-one lessons develop their skills and talent? A group class setting can be the best of both worlds. Group vocal classes offer a chance to sing every week, provide generalized instruction for developing basic technique, and most importantly can act as an inspiring gateway to future vocal endeavors, but without the intensity or pressure of private lessons. Group classes are also very fun and social, and can be a great way to create a long-lasting, positive relationship with vocal training that won't burn your child out or put undue pressure on them. A group voice class can be the best way to test the waters to see what might be possible for your child's musical future.

Keylab has a fantastic new group vocal class for just these types of children! Beginning Voices NEW Saturday morning Group Voice Classes For Ages 7-12!

Beginning Voices is a beginner level choral group class for kids aged 7-12 who are looking for a fun, low-pressure way to get started with singing. Kids will meet each Saturday to learn how to listen and sing together to harness the amazing power of music to entertain, excite, and inspire!


To learn the foundations of healthy singing.

To learn to sing melodies with accurate pitch and rhythm.

To learn to use body percussion and physical movement to help learn songs.

To learn to sing separate parts for 2 part arrangements.

To develop an understanding and love for music, specifically vocal music

To have fun singing with new friends!


Weekly 60 minute classes on Saturdays 10 am class for kids aged 7-9

11am class for kids aged 9-12

No experience is necessary to participate.

Maximum of 8 children per class

Book the entire 3-month session at a discounted rate or book one or more drop-in visits at full price if there is space available.


Weekly 60 minute classes on Saturdays with 3 month sessions in Fall, Winter, and Spring

Fall Session - 10 weeks $630 or $210 monthly

Winter Session - 12 weeks $750 or $250 monthly

Spring Session - 11 weeks $690 or $230 monthly

Single Visit / Drop-In classes are $70 each

An Interview With Beginning Voices Instructor

How long have you been playing and studying music? I started singing when I was very, very young. There is a video of a 3 year old me singing a Hindi song, trying to hide behind my mom because I was shy. I started taking proper lessons when I was 7 years old, closely following my piano lessons that I started at 5. The first type of music I learned how to sing was Indian carnatic music which provided me with an incredible, flexible base for musicianship. Since that age. I’ve been hooked and have picked up many instruments since then, such as guitar, flute, clarinet, and ukulele. How did you get started with singing? I come from a very musical family. When I was younger, my parents joined a Bollywood singing group. Every Friday night they would get together with their friends and have “music sessions.” So much singing accompanied with laughter, fun, and friendship lived in my basement, so it was only natural for young, impressionable me to want to join in the fun. I see that you play several musical styles and you also mention your Indian roots in your profile. Can you tell us more about the various influences, both musical and cultural, that have shaped you as a musician? Again, I grew up listening to all sorts of Indian music, but learning carnatic music increased my musicianship tenfold through the difficult melodies and rhythms. When I was in middle school I was finally exposed to Western music, starting with choir but quickly evolving a love of rock music, r&b, and pop. I loved both styles - my Indian roots as well as the Western side of things - and would frequently create mashups of English and Hindi songs. The multi-language, style and genre really made me realize that there were no limits in the music I create. What made you want to go to school for music? I was never an academic sort of person. I got good grades in school but it was not something that interested me and pulled me in. The only thing that really did that was and still is music and music education. I decided that if I am dedicating 70% of my time to work and school, it needs to be something I love and something that I’m super passionate about. What is Beginning Voices? Beginning Voices is a choral group for young singers who are looking for a fun, low pressure environment where they can test out their voices for the first time! A super important part of this course will be a focus on increasing musical, performance, and collaborative skills. It is never too early! What was the inspiration for creating this course? I think the main inspiration for the course was largely based in the idea of creating a special group class focusing on younger vocal students, and differentiating that from the typical structure of private lessons. There is so much you could do in music (and in life) when you collaborate which is a lesson that many learn far too late. What are your overall goals for the children participating in the course? My number one goal for the kids taking this course is to foster a joy for music and a genuine interest in singing and music making. Secondary goals include entry-level technical and philosophical aspects of singing: learning the foundations for healthy singing, learning to sing melodies with accurate pitches and rhythms, learning collaboration through singing 2 part songs, and to utilize their bodies to help them understand musical concepts. Why do you think it is better for younger children to take a group voice class as opposed to private lessons? Group classes are great for younger singers especially because of the collaborative aspect. Not only will they learn music skills, but also social and emotional awareness as they interact with other kids. It is also a fantastic way to make new friends with similar interests. Great music and ideas are so often better realized with more than one person in the mix! What do you love most about teaching in general, and especially teaching younger singers? I love seeing the “a-ha!” moment, the moment where it clicks with first time, younger students. It's nice reflecting afterwards and thinking about my early experiences and journey as a musician and vocalist. I also really love teaching musical concepts in a fun, gamified way, which is super fulfilling for both me and the students. What are some things you would recommend that families with children who love to sing can do at home to support their children’s musical development? I think people underestimate the power of listening to music! Just the sheer recognition of songs and popular melodies is a great place to start. Also, showing a genuine interest in what your child is learning and talking with them about how they feel about music will make them feel so, so special and can help them reframe important concepts outside of the classroom and foster a lifelong positive relationship with music and learning.

About Jahnvi Seshadri Assistant Music Director at Tisch New Theatre Instructor and Admin staff at Keylab Jahnvi Seshadri has a diverse work experience. In 2018, they worked as a Tutor and Grader at Eye Level Learning until 2020. From 2019 onwards, they ran their own private lessons studio, providing instruction in piano, hand drums, keyboard percussion instruments, and voice to students of various ages and abilities. In 2021, they worked as an Intern and Direct Support Professional at Dawn to Dusk Wellbeing Center, a daycare center for adults with developmental disabilities, where they provided support in daily activities and organized music and art classes. Jahnvi also held leadership positions at Student Music Educators of NYU, serving as President and Social Media Chair. In 2022, Jahnvi worked as an English Instructor at Czech Technical University in Prague and as a Teaching Assistant at Londynska Elementary School. Additionally, they served as the Music Director and Vice President of New York Masti during that time. Most recently, they interned at the New York City Ballet and is currently a Special Events Intern at Film at Lincoln Center starting in 2023. Jahnvi completed their high school education and obtained a High School Diploma from Monroe Township High School in the years 2016-2020. In 2017-2018, they pursued a Certificate in The Technology Of Music Production at Berklee College of Music. Continuing their education, Jahnvi attended West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2019 for a Certificate in Drum Major Academy. Currently, they are enrolled in New York University, pursuing a degree in Music Education with a focus on Voice, which they are expected to complete between 2020 and 2024.

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