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The Cure for Pandemic Boredom: Learn a Fulfilling New Hobby by Taking Brooklyn Piano Lessons

Did you know that playing the piano helps to reduce anxiety and improve your mood?

In these stressful pandemic days of being locked in your house, struggling with boredom and fear, what could be better than learning the piano?

Now is the best time to take some time for yourself, tap into your musical side, and let your creativity flow. Keep reading to learn more about Brooklyn piano lessons and find the perfect music classes for you.

Top 3 Benefits of Learning Piano

You may be sitting on the fence, wondering if piano lessons are really worth it. Besides it being something that you want to do (which is reason enough) there are tons of indirect benefits of piano lessons. These advantages won't only positively affect your life, but also your character.

Improves Memory and Cognitive Function

Playing the piano helps to sharpen your concentration and focus because you'll have to utilize split concentration to play.

You'll need to read music while listening to notes, working the pedals, and controlling your hands. When you become used to splitting your concentration effectively, it improves your entire cognitive function.

Piano lessons will also improve your memory capacity as the stimulated areas of your brain become more developed. These include the parts of your brain that store audio information. So, your ability to store and recall audio information will improve over time.

Improves Physical Health

Regardless of what age you start playing piano, there are myriad physical benefits. This may seem surprising as you're hardly running around a sportsfield or sweating in a gym.

Regular piano playing will sharpen your fine motor skills, improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

In addition, music has the ability to reduce your heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Learning Discipline and Perseverance

Learning the piano takes time. You will need to demonstrate discipline and a willingness to persevere even when it becomes overwhelming or seems too challenging. You will need to practice often and create new habits.

This might be a struggle at first, but once you push yourself to meet your goals, you will have learned the importance of self-discipline and perseverance which you can apply to multiple areas in your life.

How to Learn Piano

Taking piano lessons is a fun way to learn the piano — and much easier than trying to teach yourself!

First, you will learn the correct way of sitting at a piano and how to position your arms and hands correctly. Having the correct posture can greatly increase the ease of playing.

You will learn finger numbers as well as the fundamentals of playing. Learning to read notes as soon as possible is pretty important for playing piano, which is why lessons are so important.

In time you'll learn the chord progression and how to build your own chords so that you can play around with making music!

Kid's Piano Lessons

Has your child expressed an interest in learning piano? There are significant advantages for children who play the piano and you should encourage your child on their musical journey.

Creativity and self-expression are vital for a child's development and piano allows children to explore their imagination and develop creative ideas. Starting piano lessons early on in life will help children develop divergent thinking skills which will aid in problem-solving throughout their lives.

Learning the piano requires time, discipline, and patience. These are all important skills for children to learn. So, the social and behavioral benefits of regular piano lessons for children are unprecedented.

Kids' piano lessons provide children with the opportunity to let their creativity flow and to learn important skills while having fun.

Adult Piano Lessons

You're never too old to start learning piano, and what better time than now? It's a myth that you need to start learning piano at a very young age. You may not become a world-class virtuoso if you start learning at 60, but you can become a fantastic piano player!

You may think that it takes longer to learn piano as an adult, but that's not true either. If you are determined, motivated, and put in the time to practice you can learn how to play piano as quickly, if not quicker, than a child.

Are you concerned that you haven't developed a 'talent' for music throughout your life? Of course, some people will pick up piano playing faster than others, but dedication and willpower oftentimes trump 'natural talent.'

There are a few lovely advantages of choosing adult piano lessons.

Firstly, you've come to the decision to play piano by yourself, not at the insistence of someone else. This in itself holds so much power.

Secondly, you already have the ability to read and understand instruction and probably won't need as many reminders as a child. Lastly, your hands are fully-grown and will easily hold the correct hand postures.

You have the resources and the agency to choose to play the music you like and the instrument you've dreamed of. Why not turn 'one day' into 'day one'?

Reap the Benefits and Book Your Brooklyn Piano Lessons

Find the silver lining in the pandemic days and jump into a new hobby! You'll have the opportunity to be creative and imaginative while developing important life skills and fighting boredom and anxiety.

If you're ready to jump into Brooklyn piano lessons, Keylab is the perfect place to start your musical journey. We offer piano lessons for adults and kids in Brooklyn, NYC guided by professional teachers and personalized to your level and goals.

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