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Fall 2019 at Keylab!!

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Upcoming Events & Important Dates (details below)

Reminder: Studio Closures through 2019

October 9th - Yom Kippur October 14th - Columbus Day October 31st - Halloween November 11th - Election Day November 28-29th - Thanksgiving Click here for The Keylab Calendar!

In This Post

  • Keylab's After School Program: Week 4 - Song form, organizing sounds/parts into sections (LINKS TO SHEET MUSIC DOWNLOADS INCLUDED)


Inside Keylab's After School Program:

Week 4 - Song form: Organizing sounds/parts into sections

Keyboard Focus: 5 finger hand C position, reading song forms, colored note system

Rhythm Focus: Whole, Half notes

Songwriting: Song form, organizing sounds/parts into sections

Instrument Focus: Introducing the Bass

Check out the video below with excerpts of kids' works in progress, plus photos from our "Interval Leap" activity, which teaches kids to hear the difference between different types of musical intervals

In the Tech Lab

Students are wrapping up their first Garageband Project and sharing their songs with the class. Check out a few examples of the kids works in progress below!

Video featuring: Lila, Lucy, Uma, Olive and Gabby!

In the Key Lab

Students are learning fundamental rhythms, white notes on the keyboard, how to read basic song forms, C Major 5 finger hand position, and levels 1 & 2 of their first piano cover song "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars!

Links to download materials for Piano Class:

VIDEO: ‘Count On Me' (youtube)

Condensed Song Form Levels 1-2

Full Song Form Levels 3-5 (For grades 2-5)


reinforcing whole and half notes, musical form, finger numbers, and the musical alphabet


Click on the link below for Keylab's guide to families for setting up a great practice environment. This sheet will help to create lasting practice habits that will reinforce everything learned at Keylab, and will also help parents stay engaged with their child's musical growth!

Check out this video!

featuring the kids in the Key Lab beginning to work on Bruno Mars' "Count On Me", and some pics from our ear training exercise activities. Featuring: Rhodes, Gustave, Yohan, Adam, Michael, Mateo, Ella, Noah, Aedan, Lila, Lucy, Uma, Olive and Gabby

Teacher Sam Talmadge and Friday Songlab students in the Key Lab

In the Band Room

Band names have been chosen, and students are learning all about that bass as well as continuing to compose and practice their first original song as a band.

Check out the video of a song in the making by Crazy Captain Underpants!

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