Why Should Adults Learn to Play Piano?

Playing the piano isn't limited to grade school or high school students. And playing the piano isn't something designed just for people who want to become professional musicians.

Playing piano means something different to every pianist, amateur or professional.

Some people want to take piano lessons with the goal of becoming a professional performer. Other adult piano students just want to learn how to play chords and read basic sheet music so they can study and progress at their own pace.

For some it is a casual hobby, and for others it is a main passion in life.

One thing that is common to ALL adult piano students are the many cognitive and emotional benefits to playing the piano as an adult. Even casual amateurs will benefit from taking adult piano lessons.

This is why every adult should learn to play the piano!

Here is a guide that covers many of the reasons why you should learn to play the piano as an adult.

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Approximately 25 percent of people know how to play at least some basic piano.

It's Easier to Learn as an Adult

Some children don't have a natural motivation to learn an instrument, or they sometimes have to learn to play an instrument in school, which can take the fun out of playing anything.

But as an adult, you are motivating yourself to play the piano. You want to learn how to play because it excites you to learn music by your favorite artists an