This Week at Keylab

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Inside Keylab's After School Program:

Week 5 - Sampling, Reading Song Forms, Learning Whole and Half Notes

In the Tech Lab

In the Tech Lab, students have begun their second song project of the year. Last week, we learned about sampling and how to use the sampler instrument in Garageband.

The students continue to learn about sampling. They record any sound (voice, clapping, whistling, etc.), play it on the midi keyboard and use it in an original song. In addition, kids are being introduced to the bass and guitar instruments in Garageband, and are learning how to add those elements to their own compositions. Some of our more advanced students are learning to edit their samples to simulate drum sounds and create their own drum loops!

Below, students from Thursday Songlab experiment with sampling! Video featuring "Epic Talking Guitars" -- Oliver, Sai, Dean, Ethan and Nico.

In the Key Lab

In the Piano Lab, students are learning fundamental music theory concepts including basic rhythms, the white keys on the keyboard, how to read basic song forms, and new piano songs "Allouete", and "Imagine" by John Lennon.

Ask your kids what songs they are working on and use the links below to download and practice at home!