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Wrapping Up Our Winter Projects!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Upcoming Events & Important Dates (details below)

- Keylab is CLOSED April 19-28 for Spring Break!

- Private Lesson Recital - Sunday June 9th 12-4pm 92 Luquer St

(right next door!). Recital will be held in 2-3 segments.

- End of Winter Projects Parties! April 12th- 18th

- After School Program - end of year performance parties June 17-21

In This Post

  • Upcoming Event Details

  • Keylab's After School Program: Week 27 - Songwriting: Binary Form: Last week before jumping back into ORIGINAL SONGS! (links to piano and band class sheet music downloads included)

  • Student Interview: Tempi from 'The Best Butterfly Band'

  • Student Interview: Jun from the 'I Heart Jungle Band'

  • Music TheorySite of the Week - MusicTheory.Net - Music theory practice modules and more!

  • Deal Of The Week - $50 off Summer Camps!




We will not be holding Open Labs camp during this period, and there will be no lessons or classes until Monday April 29th.


We will be filming piano and band performances, and celebrating with some pizza and free time on the kids last day of class before spring break! All videos will be available for parents upon request, so please get in touch and we'll be happy to send you a copy asap!

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: END OF THE YEAR PERFORMANCE PARTIES! We will be holding performance parties for kids on their last day of class in June, dates below. Kids will be playing live band versions of songs they have worked on this year, and willing participants will be able to show off their piano skills at an informal piano performance portion of the afternoon. We will cap things off by listening to kids digital masterpieces while having pizza and snacks in our lobby area. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend, and we will be filming all performances so you can share with family and friends. Kids can wear whatever they want, and will not need to bring anything. We will update info on pieces and practice suggestions in a future post. PERFORMANCE PARTY DATES - please arrive at 4pm on your child’s last day of class for the year: Monday 6/17 Tuesday 6/18 Wednesday 6/19 Thursday 6/20 Friday 6/21


We will be holding our official recital for private students right next door at 92 Luquer St!. The recital is open to ALL private students (including in-home students) who want to participate, but is not mandatory. The day will be planned in 2-3 phases and we will be sending out details and an invitation to fill out a time request form soon so we can do our best to fit you into the most convenient part of the day for you and your family. The recital will be filmed and individual performances will be available by request at no charge. We also be posting performances to our website and youtube channel. There will be a modest registration fee of $15 per student to participate in the recital.


Inside Keylab's After School Program:

Week 27 - Songwriting: Binary Form - Last week before jumping into Original Songs with NO LOOPS!

Binary form is a two part form with an 'A' section and a 'B' section. We have been using binary form to teach the basics of song structure and composition, and the kids have been exploring this idea from several different angles. Here, we have videos of the kids performing a song from our curriculum that teachers them to read music, memorize parts, and perform in an iPad band in the Tech Lab with Mr. Matt.

Starting this week, kids are moving onto writing original songs with no loops or automated functions in Garageband, meaning that everything in their songs will be played by the student. This exercise tests their ability to put all the lessons and skills they have learned this year to use towards expressing their own musical ideas!

Chloe and Chaks making sure their sounds are loaded and ready to play!

In the Tech Lab

Students have been playing an untitled piece from our curriculum in an iPad band using virtual instruments on the iPads such as synthesizers, drums, guitars, and orchestral/world instruments found in GarageBand. This song features several new ideas such as 8th notes, repeat signs and playing together using virtual instruments. It also reinforces other core concepts we have covered since September like rhythmic notation, keeping steady tempo, and listening skills. Each band has added their own details to make the song their own. Check out a few examples of the kids works in progress below!

'Silly Crew'

'The Skating Skittles'

'The Electric Zing Vents'

In the Key Lab

Students are learning piano pieces that we have composed for them to help reinforce core rhythm, reading, coordination, and listening skills. Click the links to download the songs ‘Morning Thinking’ and ‘Walking Home’', and ‘Sleepy Trees of Winter’ for practice at home! 

'I Heart Jungle Band' plays 'Morning Thinking'

'The Silly Crew' plays 'Morning Thinking'

In the Band Room

Our 18 bands have been composing original pieces over the past couple of months, and most have also been working on learning Keylab’s band curriculum song ‘8th Note Rock’ (download the beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions of '8th Note Rock' here) which is all about playing 8th note rhythms, reading pitches on the staff, understanding musical dynamics (indications to play at specific volume ranges), and navigating through a musical form (A, B, C sections; repeat signs, ). These band exercises really teach kids how to listen to one another and work as a team, which is great not only for musicianship, but also for life skills!

'The Rock' plays an 8th Note Rock

'The Beat' plays their new original song

"Golden Argentina Rock Star Band' Plays their original "Royal Princesses"


STUDENT INTERVIEW: Temperance- Best Butterfly Band

Tempi in the middle with fellow butterflies Collette and Sora

Do you have a nickname?

Tempi! (And not with an E or a Y!)

What’s your favorite animal?

All marine animals, but especially bottlenose dolphins! One time, a dolphin named Hope kissed my hand!

What’s your favorite instrument?

The iPad band, of course! And I like to play the drums.

Dream job?

I want to work at a clear-water marine aquarium.

Favorite hobbies? --

What is the most important thing you’ve learned at Keylab? Not giving up!

Why does the world need music? Because it wouldn’t be as fun without it!


STUDENT INTERVIEW: JunHyun- I Heart Jungle Band

Do you have a nickname?


What’s your favorite animal?

Hyenas - I like their laughs.

What’s your favorite instrument?

The bass.

Dream job?

I don’t have one.

Favorite hobbies? I like to go to the beach and swim!

What is the most important thing you’ve learned at Keylab? How to write my own songs.

Why does the world need music? I don’t know.

It IS a big question, isn't it :)



Check out this great ear training site to improve your ability to hear musical intervals, chords, and more. Our kids use the app TENUTO every day to test and improve their skills!


$50 off of Summer Camps!

Use code 'FIFTY' to take $50 of summer camp enrollment for full week camps until May 1st!

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